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         Shaktipeeth Tours from Kolkata  

     सर्वमंगल मांगल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थ साधिके। 

  शरण्ये त्र्यंबके गौरी नारायणि नमोऽस्तुते।।


Shakti Peethas or Seat of Shakti are the places of worship of Goddess Shakti or Sati. Out of these 51 Shakti Peeth Temples, the maximum number of Shakti Peeths are located in West Bengal, India.  

You can avail our West Bengal Shakti Peeth Tour starting from Kolkata. We, at Kolkata Car Rental, which is a unit of India Beacons Sojourn conduct West Bengal Shakti Peeth Tour Package with utmost care.


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Attahas Shaktipeeth  
Attahas Shaktipeeth
Attahas Shaktipeeth -- The Attahas Shaktipeeth is located In the Village Of Dakshindihi, Labhpur, in the District Of Birbhum. 
It is said that the "Lower Lip" of Maa Sati fell here and she is worshipped here as Ma Phullara. Here Lord Shiva is worshipped as Chandrsekhar Bhairav.
Attahas Shaktipeeth Temple 
Attahas Shaktipeeth
Attahas Shaktipeeth Info

BODY PART :- Lower Lip

SHAKTI  :- Phullara

BHAIRAV  :- Visvesh 

Bahula ShaktipeethBahula Shaktipeeth Tour
Bahula Shaktipeeth -- The Bahula Shakti Peeth is located On The Banks Of Ajay River At Ketugram, 8 Km From Katwa. Maa Sati’s left arm or left 'Bahu', is said to have fallen in Ketugram. ‘Bahu’ in Sanskrit means ‘arm’ but, 'Bahula’, on the other hand, means lavish. The reference of Bahula actually signifies the prosperity this goddess bestows upon its devotees. 
Bahula Shaktipeeth Temple
Bahula Shaktipeeth Tour
Bahula Shaktipeeth Info

BODY PART :- Left Arm

SHAKTI  :- Bahula

BHAIRAV  :- Bhiruk

Bakreshwar ShaktipeethMahishmardini Shaktipeeth Tour
Bakreshwar Shaktipeeth -- Bakreswar is famous for its Bakreswar temple which is dedicated to lord Bakranath (Shiva) and goddess Kali. The temple is believed to be erected at the spot where the forehead and brows of Goddess Sathi fell. The temple is renowned for its Oriya-style of architecture. Inside the temple complex are the Mahishmardini and the Vakranath temple.
Bakreshwar ShaktipeethMahishmardini Shaktipeeth Tour
Bakreshwar Shaktipeeth

BODY PART :- Portion Between the eyebrows

SHAKTI  :- Mahishmardini

BHAIRAV  :- Batuknath

Jogaadya ShaktipeethYogadya Shaktipeeth Tour
Jogaadya Shaktipeeth-Yogadhya Temple is located in Khirgram Village in West Bengal. The idol of Goddess is known as Yogadaya. Here Lord Shiva is known as Khirakantha. According to mythology, The 'right great toe' of Goddess Sati fell here. The original Yogadaya Temple was demolished by Kalapahar. Later, under the patronage of King Kirti Chandra, the southern facet of the temple was rebuilt during 1770-80
Jogaadya Shaktipeeth  
Yogadya Shaktipeeth Tour
Jogaadya Shaktipeeth 

BODY PART :- Right Great Toe

SHAKTI  :- Jugaadya

BHAIRAV  :- Ksheer Khandak

Kalighat ShaktipeethKalika Shaktipeeth Tour
Kalighat Shaktipeeth-- Kalighat is said to be the site where the toes of the "right foot of Sati" fell. Initially on the bank of the river Hooghly, the temple is now on the banks of a small canal called Adi Ganga which connects to the Hooghly 
Kalighat Shaktipeeth  
Kalighat Shaktipeeth Tour
Kalighat Shaktipeeth

BODY PART :- Right Toes

SHAKTI  :- Kalika

BHAIRAV  :- Nakuleshwar

Kankalitala ShaktipeethKankalitala Shaktipeeth Tour
Kankalitala Shaktipeeth --  This is one of the 13 Shaktipeethas of West Bengal where the waist (or kankal in Bengali) of Parvati fell, It created a depression in the earth which later got filled up with water and formed the sacred kund besides the current temple. This temple is located On The Banks Of Kopai River 10 Km North-East Of Bolpur Station in Birbhum District. Here Devi is locally Known As Kankaleshwari Devi.
Kankalitala Shaktipeeth  
Kankalitala Shaktipeeth Tour
Kankalitala Shaktipeeth 

BODY PART :- Bone / Skelton

SHAKTI  :- Devgarbha

BHAIRAV  :- Ruru

Kireeteswar ShaktipeethVimla Shaktipeeth Tour
Kireeteswar Shaktipeeth -- Kiriteswari Temple is the oldest, holiest, and a famous religious place of Murshidabad district and is also known by the name of Mukuteshwari temple. It is located in Kiritkona village, near Lalbagh court road, in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. it is where Sati's 'kirit' or crown fell at Kireetkona village. She is also named as "Mukuteshwari" (as her mukut or crown fell).
Kireeteswar Shaktipeeth  
Kiriteshwari Shaktipeeth Tour
Kireeteswar Shaktipeeth

BODY PART :- Crown

SHAKTI  :- Vimla

BHAIRAV  :- Sanwart

Nalateshwari ShaktipeethNalateshwari Shaktipeeth Tour
Nalateshwari Shaktipeeth -- Also Known As "Nalateshwari Temple", the throat of Sati or “Nala” fell here. The presiding deity of this place is worshipped as Maa Nalateshwari who is also regarded as "Maa" or “Bhagobidhata-Nalateswri”. Nallahati Shaktipeeth is surrounded by hills and beautiful forests. There is a neem-tree with leaves of two different tastes (bitter and sweet) in the premises of the temple.
Nalateshwari Shaktipeeth
Nalateshwari Shaktipeeth Tour
Nalateshwari Shaktipeeth

BODY PART :- Throat

SHAKTI  :- Kalika Devi

BHAIRAV  :- Yogesh

Nandikeshwari ShaktipeethNandikeswari Shaktipeeth Tour
Nandikeshwari Shaktipeeth -- The name Nandikeshwari is derived from a combination of two words, 'Nandi' and 'Ishwari'; 'Nandi' being the follower of Lord Shiva, and 'Ishwari' meaning 'Goddess'. The two words when combined, means ‘one who is worshiped by Nandi, the divine bull'. According to Hindu scriptures, the Necklace of Sati fell here. Goddess Shakti is worshipped here as Nandini and Lord Bhairav as Nandikeshwar.
Nandikeshwari Shaktipeeth  
Nandikeshwari Shaktipeeth Tour
Nandikeshwari Shaktipeeth

BODY PART :- Necklace

SHAKTI  :- Nandini

BHAIRAV  :- Nandikeshwar

Ratnavali ShaktipeethRatnavali Shaktipeeth Tour
Ratnavali Shaktipeeth -- Locally Known As Maa Anandamayee Temple, the Ratnavali Shaktipeeth is located on The Bank Of Ratnakar River at Khanakul in Hooghly. It is said that, the dakshina skandha (right shoulder) of the Goddess fell here. 
Ratnavali Shaktipeeth
Ratnavali Shaktipeeth Tour
Ratnavali Shaktipeeth

BODY PART :- Right Shoulder

SHAKTI  :- Kumari

BHAIRAV  :- Shiva

Tristrota Shaktipeeth Tristrota Shaktipeeth Tour
Tristrota Shaktipeeth -- Locally known as Bhramari Devi Temple, it is located in Shalbari village of Falakata in Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal, by the banks of the Tista River Or Tri-Shrota (Combination Of Three Flows) As mentioned In the Puranas, Maa Sati is called the Goddess Bhramari and it is believed that the thumb of her left leg fell at this place.
Tristrota Shaktipeeth
Tristrota Shaktipeeth Tour
Tristrota Shaktipeeth 

BODY PART :- Thumb of Left Leg

SHAKTI  :- Bhraamari

BHAIRAV  :- Ambar

Ujaani ShaktipeethUjaani Shaktipeeth Tour
Ujaani Shaktipeeth -- Ujaani Shakti Peetha also locally known as the Mangal Chandi Temple, is situated in Ujani Village in Guskara of Barddhaman. Here, at Ujani Shaki Peeth, the right wrist of Devi Sati had fallen. She is in the form of Devi Mangala Chandika or Mangal Chandi and  Vairabh appears as Kapilambar.
Ujaani Shaktipeeth  
Ujaani Mangalchandi Shaktipeeth Tour

Ujaani Shaktipeeth

BODY PART :- Right Wrist

SHAKTI  :- Mangalchandi

BHAIRAV  :- Kapilambar

Vibhash ShaktipeethVibhash Shaktipeeth Tour

Vibhash Shaktipeeth -- Located by the bank of the River Roopnarayana at Tamluk village, the Bargabhima Temple is also known as Bhimakali Mandir. Bheemakali Temple or Vibhasha Shakti Peeth. It is among the 51 Shakti Peeth of Maa Sati. It is the place where Devi Sati’s left ankle fell. Here Devi is worshipped as Kapalini or Bhimarupa and Lord Shiva as Sarvanand.
Vibhash Shaktipeeth  
 Vibhash Shaktipeeth Tour
Vibhash Shaktipeeth

BODY PART :- Left Ankle

SHAKTI  :- Kapalini

BHAIRAV  :- Sarvanand

Shaktipeeth Tour - 2N 3D

2N 3D Shakti Peeth Tour from Kolkata covers 9 (Nine)  Shakti Peeths out of 13 Shakti Peeths in West Bengal.

Departure : Any Day

Minimum No of Person : Tour can be conducted even with a single/Two person

Tour Departure Time on Day 1: 06:00 hrs in the morning.
Tour End Time on Day 3 : 21:00 hrs (approximately) on Day 3

Note: Timings are approximate and may vary depending on Traffic conditions

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Shaktipeeth Tour - 3N 4D

3N 4D Shakti Peeth Tour from Kolkata covers 12 (Twelve) Shakti Peeths out of 13 Shakti Peeths in West Bengal.

Departure : Any Day

Minimum No of Person : Tour can be conducted even with a single/Two person

Tour Departure Time on Day 1: 06:00 hrs in the morning.
Tour End Time on Day 3 : 21:00 hrs (approximately) on Day 4

Note: Timings are approximate and may vary depending on Traffic conditions

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