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Tarapith, one of the famous pilgrim places of West Bengal. Enroute visit Bakreswar (Shiva) Temple, Ma Bhavatarini Temple and famous hot springs where you can take a bath in the mineral enriched water which is said to have several therapeutic effects. 

Tarapith is regarded as one of the 52 Shakti Peethams of India devoted to Ma Tara (another form of Kali). It is a small temple town, known for its Tantric temple and its adjoining cremation (Maha Smashan) grounds where sadhana (tantric rituals) are performed.


We conduct shakti peeth Tours in West Bengal.


Twelve Shakti Peeth In West Bengal

  • TAttahas -- In Village Of Dakshindihi Labhpur, In The District Of Birbhum 
  • Bahula -- On The Banks Of Ajay River At Ketugram, 8 Km From Katwa , Burdwan
  • Bakreshwar -- On The Banks Of Paaphara River, 24 Km Distance From Siuri Town, District Birbhum , 7 Km From Dubrajpur Rly Station 
  • Kalighat -- Kalipeeth , Kolkata
  • Kankalitala -- On The Banks Of Kopai River 10 Km North-East Of Bolpur Station In Birbhum District, Devi Locally Known As Kankaleshwari
  • Kireeteswar -- At Kireetkona Village, 3 Km From Lalbag Court Road Station Under District Murshidabad
  • Nalalateshwari Temple - Known As " Nalateshwari Temple ". From Nalhati Station Of Birbhum District 
  • Ratnavali-- Locally Known As Anandamayee Temple. On The Banks Of Ratnakar River At Khanakul-Krishnanagar , District Hooghl
  • Nandikeshwari Temple -- Locally Known As Bhramari Devi. In Jalpaiguri Near A Small Village Boda On The Bank Of River Teesta Or Tri-Shrota (Combination Of Three Flows) Mentioned In Puranas  
  • Ujaani --6 Km From Gushkara Station Under Burdwan District. Locally Known As Maa Manga Chandi Temple
  • Vibhash - At Tamluk Under District Purba Medinipur  
  • Jogaadya -- At Khirgram Under Burdwan District Nalateshwari Temple - Known As " Nalateshwari Temple ". From Nalhati Station Of Birbhum District .