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Escape from the din and bustle of Kolkata for an excursion to the small town of Bolpur Shantiniketan and discover an abode of peace. Explore the campus and faculty buildings of the Vishwa Bharati University founded by Noble laureate and Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. 

Visit the house where Maharishi Devendranath Tagore, father of the poet, lived and worked. You can choose to return either on the same day or wish to stay back for a night or more. Located approximately 120 miles (200 kilometres) north of Kolkata, you will depart at 07:00 hrs from your hotel for a 4-hour drive to Shantiniketan. We operate conducted tours to Shantiniketan throughout the year, more so, during the various occasions like Poush Mela (December), Maghotsab (February), Basanta Utsab (March), Varsha Mangal (July-August) and Sharodutsab (Oct-Nov) which have festive appeal to the tourist. 


Good to Know: 

• Please note that the Ashram is closed: Tuesday (half day) and Wednesday (full day) •

 The University is closed in May and June 

• Photography is restricted at Tagore Museum.

Places of Interest --  Visva - Bharati University Campus, the complex at "Uttarayan" (Udayan, Shyamali, Konarak, Udichi & Punaschha houses of Tagore), Art Gallery, Museum, Khoai Hat near Sonajhuri forest